Transmitting the most advanced
Mobile Art examples to the world.

In Japan, the cell phone rate spread is over 90% (as of 2008), and other mobile devices such as Walkman or iPod are widely prevalent. By technology innovation and better communication environment, a mobile device has transformed from a mere communication tool for talking and e-mails, into the great entertainment provider with which allows you to enjoy music, movies and games. However, compared to music and games, most of the movies are resized versions of current footages, lacking the content "absolutely more interesting to watch on mobile devices".
The "MOBILE ART LAB." plans and creates visual methods of producing contents which are "more valuable and interesting to watch on mobile phones", puts them into practice, and spreads them. We proactively challenge to amplify them to advertisements and cinemas.
This kind of Mobile Study Site is quite rare worldwide, so we do hope our collaborative experiment site could introduce the most advanced mobile arts on a global scale, not just on domestic basis.